perfectly perfumed

i’m happy and proud to announce that i have selected one of these exquisite beauties as my wedding day fragrance. * ta da! * this is very exciting stuff. it smells like happy and love. the selected fragrance was named to honor the dear victims of the september 11th attacks … and that’s something i can get behind.

how much do i wish to collect bond no. 9 new york perfume bottles? soooooooo much! they’re just so pretty and colorful and smell so nice – they’re the perfect little gems about which good dreams are made.

my mom (a.k.a. the fabulous wedding task master) and i this past weekend plowed through mountains of wedding planning. it was fun and exhausting all at once, and it feels mighty fine to have crossed so many lines off our to-do list. do any of you lovelies have tips for a bride-to-be? please share the genius!



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