color me happy

it’s time for a confession. it’s about a love affair that i’ve managed to keep relatively secret for nearly 30 years. it’s a piece of my personal life i’ve only shared with a select few confidants. and now it’s time for me to admit out here in the open that a new box of crayons ranks unusually high on the list of my absolute favorite things. even higher than chocolate.

i just like to look at them. i rarely ever make physical contact with said beauties for fear that i will blemish any part of their perfectly shaped form.

it’s irrelevant that i used to call them ‘crans’ and that my brother referred to these darlings as ‘crowns.’ the waxy little numbers performed no matter what names were used.

it was with tongue in cheek that my darling fiance placed amongst my birthday presents this year a gigantic box of new crayolas. this is why he’s my favorite.

the exquisite box sits prettily on my shelf and with just one glance, i’m smiling. i guess it’s no surprise that i grew up to have an etsy shop where i sell colorful artwork – just for fun.

what item from your childhood makes you smile and reminisce?

and just for fun:



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