sprout of this world

i have a problem come this time of the year. what’s that you ask? too much glorious produce from which to choose! i know … things get rough come june.

so what’s the easy solution? buy a ton of it and eat like a health nut for days! it’s my favorite food season.

i treated us last night to some gigantic brussels sprouts. we’re talkin’ huge – practically mini cabbages. (yes, i realize they’re quite literally baby cabbages, but these nuggets were large.)

i chopped ’em up, tossed in some delicious olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic powder … and then roasted ’em like the southern summer sun (i.e., at 400 degrees f until they were tender and so tasty.)

i accidentally ate most of the tray before we actually sat down for dinner. i don’t feel guilty.

here’s the finished product:

don’t mind the crispy bits – those are the best part! next time i’m considering roasting a batch of just brussels sprouts leaves. they’re like healthy seasoned chips from nature. this is all true.



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