a definite perk

so one of the perks of having a facebook fan page is that apparently your fiance sees things you post … like mentioning that today is red rose day. i’ll be honest with you, guys and dolls, i was actually not dropping hints. surprising, perhaps, but it’s the truth.

imagine my sheer delight when these beautes were delivered to my office just moments ago!

it all happened so quickly. maybe it’s just a coincidence (yet to be determined). it’s only been one hour since i made the facebook post – is that even enough time to order flowers and have them delivered?! i’m thinking not, which means that my honey now deserves even more bonus points for surprising me (unrelated to any facebook posts) with a lovely arrangement of flowers and a card simply-but oh-so-perfectly saying ‘i love you.’

you’re the sweetest boy, s! i love you, too.



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