i heart art

hello, artist crush! i’ve been a fan of steve penley‘s for eons … maybe longer. it might be appropriate to use the word ‘obsession’ in the context of this post, but i’ll refrain given it can seem rather stalker-ish.

that said, i do tend to have a minor physical reaction upon seeing his work. perhaps it’s his use of color or the controlled abstract methods he employs to create these pieces … whatever it is works for me. i stood in awe this morning whilst gazing upon an enormous piece of unstretched canvas on which mr. penley had doodled. rumor has it the large piece of canvas used to hang in a local neighborhood restaurant and was penley’s work-in-progress. he’d come in to sit at the bar, savor a glass of wine and paint. not too shabby, right?

this fan photo of mine is a rather tight shot of the entire painting. it makes me happy.

speaking of art … have you wandered over yet to the popthebubbly etsy shop? * shameless plug *


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