a matter of life and dress

whilst navigating my way through the maze of people at the mall this weekend, i began to lose faith with most of humanity. i found discouraging the sagging pants and the blatant disregard for other people’s sense of urgency – namely, mine. rude.

i was just about at the point where i was coming to grips with the fact that society has lost all sense of class and culture when i turned the corner, lifted my weary eyes and exalted in the elegant brilliance that was this mannequin in the neiman marcus window. thank you, all things pretty, ladylike and tasteful!

i stood, admired and snapped a few photos to show my appreciation for this marvelous glimpse; it was so refreshing and lovely. may high fashion continue to prosper despite things like saggy pants.



3 thoughts on “a matter of life and dress

  1. not into saggy pant’s when out and about, strictly a at home garb, but high fashion is too pricey and doesn’t cater for rotund ladies like me 🙂

    • hi, jensine! i totally hear ya on the lounge wear at home – trust! i am the queen of sweat pants. 🙂 my concern is the pants that are drooping so low (usually on dudes) that show off more than just their boxers. it’s just not my personal taste. to each their own though! xxo

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